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October 13 2014
PIR. Restaurant Equipment and PIR. Food Post-Show Report 2014

International Exhibitions for Restaurant Business Professionals
«PIR. Restaurant Equipment» and «PIR. Food»


September 23-26, 2014
Moscow Exhibition Center "Crocus Expo",
Pavilion 3, Hall 15

September 23 to 26, International Exhibitions «PIR. Restaurant Equipment» and «PIR. Food» were held in Moscow Exhibition Center «Crocus Expo». The exhibitions were organized as part of the International Exhibition Project «PIR Expo» for HoReCa professionals from Russia and the CIA and became this year's most prominent events in the hospitality business.

Organizer—PIR Expo. With the assistance of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Department of Trade and Services of Moscow, as well as the continuous partner of the exhibition—Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers (FRaH). Co-Organizersthe National Guild of Chefs and Cuisine Academy Exclusive.

In 2014, the exhibitions occupied over 30,000 sq. m. Over the four days, 38,700 HoReCa experts visited the exhibition and 2,200 people participated in the business program. PIR was attended not only by restaurant-and-hotel business representatives from Moscow and other regions of Russia, but also by professionals from abroad.

The exhibition included 12 thematic sites where over 100 leading Russian and foreign experts in the sector held more than 500 professional events—master classes, workshops, trainings, courses etc.

The «PIR. Restaurant Equipment» exhibition hosted over 300 companies from 15 countries who, during the four days of the exhibition, demonstrated their novelties in restaurant equipment, implements, utensils, professional furniture, burning trends and complex equipment solutions for catering establishments of any level—from street food kiosks to major commercial kitchens.

This year witnessed an increase in the representation of foreign companies. 5 extensive collective displays by the manufacturers of restaurant equipment and implements from Italy, Germany, Turkey, Franc and China were presented to the visitors.

The segment of shop equipment suppliers also increased, which testifies about the high activity of the visitors from the area of food retail. High interest to these products suggests good prospects in this trend for the exhibition in the future.

The display «Automated Control Systems» was traditionally successful. Here, the leading suppliers and developers presented innovative and relevant solutions for automation of food and trade establishments. The persistent attention on the part of restaurateurs to automation proves that it is a key and prospective trend for the exhibition. Indeed, automation is a means that may not only modernize you enterprise and partly reduce expenses by simplifying control and management, but also accelerate the service and throughput of a restaurant.

Just like a year ago, a Business Area was arranged at the «PIR. Restaurant Equipment» exhibition. It is an information and service site for the representatives of the suppliers of equipment, implements, utensils and furniture for HoReCa enterprises. Apart from a possibility to have a comfortable place for negotiations, the Business Area visitors could also get acquainted with the novelties and special offers from the exhibition participants and partners, and make use of various services, such as the Internet, office appliances and recharge their mobile devices. Barnaya Linia was the site's official partner.

In 2014 the «PIR. Food» exhibition presented over 150 participants. A unique display of manufacturers and suppliers of regional products was organized for the first time and became a key event. Marbled beef presented by Russian companies «MIRATORG» and «ZARECHNOYE» became the main debut of the display. The companies presented other food products, such as Khakassia lamb meat, Kharghin venison, Churapchin foal meat, Ustyansky lacustrine broad whitefish, Taymyr omul, Far East red caviar etc.

Thematic sites and events of the «PIR. Food» exhibition:

Russian CuisineThe New Horizons

post_russiancuisine.jpgThis year again the Central Arena of the «PIR. Food Products» exhibition hosted the major project «Russian CuisineThe New Horizons» that presented its grand program on Russian cuisine. Restoratsia became the project's technical partner. The project gathered many devotees of the national cuisine—from amateurs to recognized publicists and authoritative experts of the restaurant business.

On September 23, round table «Russian Regional Food and Russian Cuisine» was held as part of the «Russian CuisineThe New Horizons». It was attended by leading experts, business and state representatives. Namely: Vladimir Bakanov, a regional food expert; Ivan Berezutsky, PMI Bar chef (St. Petersburg); Igor Bukharov, FRaH President; restaurateur Zufar Gayazov, Chairman of FRaH of the Republic of Tatarstan; Aleksandr Ivanov, Deputy Head of the Department of Trade and Services of Moscow; Anton Lyalin, owner of Torro Grille and Boston Sea Food restaurants; Ivan Merkulov, FRaH Vice President, chef Maksim Syrnikov, a scholar of original Russian traditions, writer, founder of the Foundation for Preservation of the Russian Cuisine "Russian Kitchen"; chef Oleg Sychev, Shambala and Nirvana casinos in Azov-City; Aleksandr Filin, President of the National Chef Guild and many others.

The participants discussed the issues of promotion of Russian cuisine, educational and business aspects, as well as historical and philosophical aspects of this gastronomic trend. The experts expressed their opinions regarding the problems related to development of Russian cuisine and regional food and ways to solve them. Upon the round table, a Memorandum for Development and Popularization of Russian Regional (Local) Cuisine and Authentic Domestic Food Products was signed. Apart from the active participants of the round table, many visitors who supported the idea to revive Russian culinary traditions and promote regional food also signed the Memorandum. There were over 100 signatures, and that is on the first day only!

You can join the Memorandum on our Facebook page and at the Russian Cuisine web site!

On September 24 and 25, the Central Arena of the exhibition hosted exclusive master classes from 20 best cooks from Moscow and other regions of Russia in the format of the Open Kitchen.

The chefs presented their vision of Russian cuisine and shared their judgments regarding regional food products. In this year, the event gathered the largest number of visitors. The organizers had to double the number of seats at the site. The guests' impressions from the culinary shows by the best chefs were unforgettable. They also had a chance to upgrade their knowledge in the secrets of cooking and serving of Russian dishes.

Apart from that, in the frameworks of the project «Russian Cuisine—The New Horizons», a City Festifal «Russian Kitchen» was held from October 23 to 30, where Moscow popular restaurants took part, such as Selfie, Pavilion, Oblomov, Projector, Barbara Bar, Fani Kabani, Chemodan, Korchma Taras Bulba, Cabinet, Dvoryansky, Kupechesky, Pivnaya Assambleya. They presented Russian cuisine in various fashionable interpretations. The guests of the festival could taste the national dishes from a set-menu of favorite Moscow Russian cuisine restaurants specially developed for the festival, and taste the 'delicious' festive atmosphere of the city.

Restaurant Cup «Russian PIR»

post_russianpir.jpgThis year, as part of the International Exhibition Project PIR Expo and in continuation of the Russian cuisine topic, Restaurant Cup «Russian PIR», a unique contest for Russian cuisine restaurants, was held for the first time. The National Guild of Chefs and Cuisine Academy Exclusive were the co-organizers of the Cup. Oleg Nazarov, a restaurant critic and Russian cuisine expert was invited to host the show. The teams were evaluated by an authoritative jury chaired by Yelena Shramko (President of the Cuisine Academy Exclusive). The jury included recognized Russian cuisine experts, such as Maksim Syrnikov, Aleksandr Filin, President of the National Chef Guild, chef Andrei Makhov, Kafe Pushkin restaurant, as well as other known cooks, leading Russian and international bar-tenders and representatives of respected media. The Grand Final of the Restaurant Cup «Russian PIR» was held on September 23. The Final participants are: «Galya, Gulyai!» restaurant (Krasnodar); hotel and restaurant complex «Traditional» (Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan); restaurant «Gusyatnikoff» (Moscow); the miracle store of Russian cuisine «Dobryanka» (Novosibirsk); Russian cuisine restaurant «Shustov» (Yekaterinburg) and Gastroinox team (Turkey). The team competition was won by hotel and restaurant complex «Traditional», «Galya, Gulyai!» restaurant (Krasnodar) was ranked 2nd, and «Gusyatnikoff» —3rd. The winners of the epic restaurant battle were not only recognized as high professionals but also were awarded medals, certificates and valuable prizes sponsored by the organizers and partners of the Cup. The 1st place winner and holder of the title of the best Russian restaurant was awarded an exclusive prize—a certificate for a thematic trip to the capital of the United Kingdom "The Russian Spirit of London" from the Cup's organizers and a check for 200,000 rubles from GASTROINOX, the general partner of the exhibition's cooking contests. The solemn ceremony for awarding the winners and a gala-dinner were held in the House of Russian Meal in Izmaylovo Kremlin on September 24. See the results and a photo report at

XXII All-Russian Culinary Congress

post_rcc.jpgThis year, the All-Russian Culinary Congress venue presented most interesting program of training workshops on a variety of culinary trends and current themes from the best Russian and foreign chefs, and young creative professionals. For example, on September 26, Dmitry Eremeyev, chef of the restaurant «Turandot», held at the venue a master-class in cooking using liquid nitrogen; and Vivien Lebekk, chef of the restaurant «Ragout», - a master-class on the subject of breakfast in the restaurant; on September 25, Jerome Langillier, pastry-chef of «Clostan Traiteur» in Lyon, revealed the secrets of cooking of French desserts; and on September 24, Ilya Lazerson, creator of «Cooking Studio of Ilya Lazerson», showed new ways of dishes serving. Within the framework of the 12th All-Russian Culinary Congress, the Gourmet School IFSE held exclusive series of educational activities for the first time, which was consisted of four master-classes devoted to Italian cuisine. Participants could choose any of the favorite master-classes, or attend all four and get mini-courses certificates of School IFSE. Also, Restaurant Business Tour was organized as part of the All-Russian Culinary Congress, it is a fascinating and professionally useful program of excursions to the restaurants of the capital. Participants of excursions tasted dishes from a special set menu, designed to demonstrate the idea of the restaurant, and had the opportunity to chat with the chefs of restaurants in a casual setting. Famous Moscow restaurants, such as «White Rabbit Restaurant&Bar», «Chestnaya Kuchnya» (Honest Cuisine), «Steakhouse Goodman», «the Wicked» restaurant, «T-Bone», and the restaurant «Funny Cabany» opened their doors for the PIR guests.

School of Restaurant Business Managers

post_school.jpgMore than 50 master classes from successful restaurateurs and leading business-coaches on the topics of personnel management, starting your own business, restaurant promotion, increasing of profits, rebranding, and others were held within 4 days at the venue of the School of Restaurant Business Managers. Seminars were performed by Oleg Nazarov, Olga Semanova, Ilya Lazerson, Olga Bunina, Dmitry Levitsky, Anna Shpak and Baran Tolik, Lana Badu, Sergei Gorbunov, Elena Berdyaga, Ivanna Tabachnikova, Ishanov Maksat, Egor Shcherbin, Sergei Mironov, the Restteam, and many others great presenters. Assistance in carrying out of activities under the School of Restaurant Business Managers provided the company «Klen. Expert Business Support Center», the Training Center «Moscow House of Restaurateur», Culinary Studio Clever, Business School RMA.


PIZZA SHOW is a new project of PIR, which was created specially for pizza masters and made a splash at the exhibition. Co-organizer of this venue was PMQ PIZZA MAGAZINE. Project activities amazed the guests by their colorful and vibrant atmosphere, and participants noted the successful organization and equipment of the venue. All this was possible thanks to the coordinated work of the organizers, and the invaluable support of venue partners, namely the KNORR company (Official Partner), MARR RUSSIA (Official Supplier of food), NUTELLA (Official Partner of PIZZA SHOW in the category of chocolate paste), le 5-STAGIONI (Exclusive Partner for flour), GI.METAL, PIZZA MASTER and Technical Partners, ALTEK and XLT.

On September 23 and 24, at the venue was held the Russian Pizza Championship, with the participation of 7 teams from different regions of Russia. The Jury consisted of representative le 5 Stagioni Rikkardo Conforti (Italy), President of the Italian Acrobatics Pizza School Danilo Pagano (Italy), the Chief Editor of PMQ Russia Vladimir Davydov (Russian), and American journalist, founder of PMQ Pizza Magazine Steve Green (USA). The winners are: 1st Place – Chain of Italian Cafe «SBARRO»: Baktytbek Akmatov, Alexey Fedorov; 2nd Place - MAMA ROMA: Roman Neglyad; 3rd Place – PIZZA-Factory: Elena Tikhonovskaya, Ekaterina Makarova.

In addition, on 25 and 26 September, at the venue was an extensive program of events from the world's leading pizza maker and venue partners. Also on PIZZA SHOW were held exciting trainings on pizza acrobatics, which gave everyone present not only unique practical knowledge, but also unforgettable impressions!

Forum «Catering»

This year, the area of a specialized forum «Catering», organized jointly with, has been greatly expanded. Here were concentrated all the latest trends of the catering industry. Forum presented an extensive program of seminars and workshops on the topics of corporate catering and transport catering, premium catering and individual work with VIP-clients, banquets and receptions, and other relevant issues from leading experts in the sphere of catering, such as Kirill Pogodin (Project Manager of, Irina Kostina (CEO of Novikov Catering), Dmitry Pukhov (CEO of Diamond Catering), Lidia Simonova (CEO of LID`S EVENTHOUSE), Ruzhena Vorobyova (Head of "Dacha-Catering" and Vice-President of the Association of the Urals FRH), Maksim Davydov (Brand-Chef of Paradise Banquet Service), and many others.

At the venue were held Catering Cup Competition. The Jury consisted of Kirill Pogodin (Project Manager of, Anna Strelnikova (Head Manager of "MaxiM" Catering Center), Irina Kostina (CEO of Novikov Catering), Andrey Zolotarev (Director of the Activities Department of Bosco di Ciliegi), Rustam Tangierov (chef Le Cristal); and Natalia Zharova (CEO of and, Olga Borisova (CEO of «ArtPab», Founder of Award «Golden Puzzle - the Best Event-Project»), Janna Vasenina (Head of magazine and Internet portal, Anna Varshavskaya (Managing Partner of IQ Pro) and Egor Dobrogorsky (CEO of the agency «Communicator Creative Events»), who were media jury of competitions.

Participation in the competition took the teams from the company Ad Gustum (Alexander Sukhachev, Evgeniy Davidkin, Evgeniy Ustinov, Alexander Tishchenko), Mercury, JSC (Lyubov Khodyreva, Yuri Solyanoy, Vladimir Slezkin, Alena Baltaga), and Paradise banquet service (Maksim Davydov, Emil Dzhangirov, Oksana Baranova, Olga Kamoza). The winner was the team of Ad Gustum. Another central event of the venue was the new entertainment competition, dedicated to one of the most popular dishes - burger – «PIRburger», it was a real revelation and a pleasant addition for visitors of the forum! The Jury consisted of Sergey Anikin (brand-chef of Uncle Sam's Cafe), Konstantin Vinogradov (Chef of Steakhouse Torro Grill & Wine Bar), Pavel Galkovsky (Brand-Chief of Steak Houses GOODMAN Chain), and Erwin Peters (Brand-Chief of Argentine Cuisine Restaurant El Gaucho). Nine talented chefs were striking for the winning in the competition. Prizes won: 1st Place - Irina Kochmareva, 2nd Place - Olga Suzdalkina, 3rd Place - Olga Glushkova.

See the results and photo report on

Forum «Education. Staff. Career»

This year the Forum again proved that it is the ideal place for meetings and negotiations of employers, job seekers, young professionals, staffing agencies, and professional schools. Here, master classes and seminars on the most pressing issues of human resource topics were held, as well as an interactive campaign «Get a job!» from the HR-partner of the Forum, portal On September 25 and 26, at the Forum «Education. Staff. Career» were organized free seminars of the Moscow financial-industrial University (MFIU) «Synergy». «Business Café» was opened during all the 4 days of the exhibition, where such companies as «Klen. Expert support of business», Moscow House of Restaurateur, MFIU Synergy and performed business consultations. In addition, the Forum presented educational institutions on «Street of Schools» exposition, which included such prestigious names as Business School SWISSAM, Restaurants people, World & Love, IFSE (Italian Food Style Education), Business School RMA, Moscow Financial-Industrial University «Synergy» and many others. Participants presented their training programs, and visitors got useful information about the best opportunities for training and additional education.

Forum «Business»

Free activities from the leading consulting companies, operating professionals in the restaurant market and experienced experts were held at the venue of the Forum «Business». This year, the speakers of the Forum disclosed such important topics as: The Start-Up - How to Calculate the Economic of Establishment, Peculiarities of the Russian Franchising, Professional Solutions for Business, Restaurant Consulting, Franchise Benefits, etc. The topics of the franchise and efficient kitchen had the greatest popularity among listeners. Speakers of the Forum were: Gregory Kalinichenko (Corporate Chef of Unilever Food Solutions), Nikita Sopov (Brand Manager of «Mamma Roma» chain of restaurants), Fyodor Ovchinnikov (General Director of «Pizza Venture»), Oleg Yudin (Development Director of franchising «Traveler`s coffee» chain), Boris Shirokov (Director of «Papa Wok consulting», JSC) and many others. Also around the venue has been successfully implemented the exposition of fast food companies, such as «Teremok», «Walker», «Stardog», and others.

12th Russian Championship of Culinary and Service

post_championship.jpgFrom 23 to 26 September, the prestigious competitions among professional cooks - 12th Championship of Culinary and Service - were held on the venues of the exhibition, Technical partners of the Championship this year became the companies STILLAG and NEMOX. As part of the Championship, wide exposition of the works of participants of Art Class and Class without tasting was presented, which highly qualified Jury assessed. Also there special competitions passed - Pizza Championship of Russia, Competition «PIRburger», which technical partner was the company BeefEater, and CateringCup Competition. The participants were assessed by recognized Russian and international culinary experts, famous chefs and restaurateurs. The jury was presented by more than a hundred culinary masterpieces from talented chefs, pastry and pizza maker from Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as from other cities in Russia - St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Tomsk, Samara, Novocheboksarsk, Voronezh, Yaroslavl, Murmansk, Novosibirsk, Belgorod and Krasnodar. The Award Ceremony took place on September 26, on the Central Arena of the Exhibition. Winners were awarded with diplomas, medals and cups, and also got gifts and prizes from the organizers and partners. See Results and photo report on

5th Anniversary Youth Championship of Culinary and Service «Student PIR»

post_studpir.jpgThis year, the Youth Championship of Culinary and Service «Student PIR» celebrated its first anniversary, 5 years. Each year the Championship opened new names, acquainted the future and the present of cooking with each other, and gave the joy of victories to its members. Co-organizers of the Championship were the National Guild of Chefs and the Academy of Culinary Arts Exclusive. . In 2014, the «Student PIR» was attended by over 250 students of 45 specialized colleges and universities of Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as Arkhangelsk, Astrakhan, Ulan-Ude, Belgorod, Vologda, Voronezh, Kazan, Tomsk, Orenburg, Kostroma, Moscow, Naberezhnye Chelny, Orel, Perm, Tula, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Tver, Tuapse, Ulyanovsk, Cheboksary and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The theme of the Championship this year, of course, became a wealthy Russian cuisine. Competitions were held in three areas: Practical Themed Cooking Classes, Service Classes, and Art Classes. In an informal competition, results of all participants were summarized by the Olympic system on educational institutions, according to which the 1st place went to College «Tsaritsyno» No.37, 2nd - Technological Technical School No. 49, and the third place was shared by the Service Sector College No.10 and Economical-Technology College No.22.

This year Championship’s program included two Classes on Turkish cuisine, organized jointly with GASTROINOX, the winners received certificates for a trip to Turkey. All the winners were awarded with medals and diplomas, and received useful professional gifts and prizes from the organizers and partners of the event. Participants, who took the first place in the Championship, were not only awarded with gold medals, but also received certificates for one-time scholarships!

Also for the first time within the framework of the anniversary «Student PIR» online contests for students and colleges went: individual competition "My future profession" among the students and «RESTO_Perspektiva» - creative contest for schools, creative self-presentation, reflecting the brightest prospects for future profession. Following a vote, the winner of «RESTO_Perspektiva» became Samara College of Culinary Arts, and the individual winner of the competition «My future profession!» by overall recognition - Andrei Stepanov, student of Baikal Service and Tourism College. See results and photo report on

In 2014, the Exhibitions «PIR. Restaurant Equipment» and «PIR. Food» presented a bright, rich program of events, many of which have no analogues in the Russian market, and presented effective business solutions, attracted a record number of visitors, discovered new talents, drew public attention to many important issues of industry and new promising areas, and also gave a lot of positive impressions to all participants! «PIR-2014» was held successfully, and reasserted itself as a significant event in the hospitality industry in the international arena.

Among the Partners of the Exhibitions there were many leading Russian companies this year. Company GASTROINOX became a General Partner of Culinary Competitions. Official Supplier of alcohol was the company LADOGA, the official partner for the uniform - the company KORRTO, and an Official Partner of the Exhibition for the tableware- MASTERGLASS. Technical Partners of the Exhibition were MANITOWOC FOODSERVICE, Smeg Russia and KitchenAid, a Technical Partner for inventory - de BUYER. The Official Partner of the exhibition was Water OnLine. Official Insurance Company, by tradition - ISK Euro policy. PC ULEY became a Technical Partner in the project «Russian cuisine - New Horizons» and «All-Russian Cooking Congress». Partner for disposable containers was the company HUNTAMAKI, as well as Partner of the Exhibition was the company «Dyadya Vanya». Tremendous support this year's show made the company PROCTER & GAMBLE Professional - it was the Official Partner for cleanliness. The Social Partners of the Exhibition was the company CorpusGroup.

* Events are the part of the International Exhibition Project PIR Expo, bringing together five special exhibitions: «PIR. Food», «PIR. Equipping of Restaurant», «Hotel. Design, management, operation», «Moscow Bar Show» and «Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo».

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