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Accreditation conditions

Dear journalists!!
Please, read carefully conditions and procedure for accreditation for our events.
  1. Official accreditation of media outlet:
    1. For exhibitions PIR. Food products, PIR. Restaurant equipment, Hotel. Development, design and operation, Moscow Bar Show and Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo only members of editing group (journalists, photographers, operators, technical personnel) of acting and officially registered mass media are accredited.
    2. Journalists who have submitted applications for accreditation in advance will be given at the media registration counter:
      • a badge PRESS which gives right to free access to the territory of all exhibitions and attend events of business program.
      • information package (press release, catalogue of participants, list of experts, schedule of events).
    3. We accept only one application for accreditation of one journalist and press photographer from one media outlet.
      If its necessary for process of fair report preparation and reasonable upon decision of press centre, accreditation of more members of one media outlet is allowed.
    4. Accreditation is provided upon condition of obligatory publication of materials on events in print and web-based media, demonstration of video etc. with stating name of event.
      After publication of materials, the accredited journalists must send to press office of the exhibition published materials/videos or links, if these materials are posted on the Internet.
  2. Press centre is entitled to deny media outlet an accreditation, if:
    1. media outlet is a highly specialized non-core publication;
    2. application for accreditation was submitted after or out of accordance with the stated form;
    3. media outlet was accredited for the previous exhibitions, but didnt publish any material on the exhibition work, events or exhibitors;
    4. as of the moment of application submission, media outlet froze or dissolved its activities.
  3. Advertisement managers, PR and marketing managers, heads of regional and commercial services are not accredited for the exhibition.
  4. Fairness of the coverage of the events and obligatory informing of promoters about publication
    1. Journalist who is accredited for the events must accurately cover the work and events of the exhibition, he/she may visit only open events and special events for mass media.
    2. In case of publication of material about the exhibition within the period when its held, journalist is obliged to inform press center of the exhibition.
  5. Period for accreditation
    1. Accreditation applications for visiting exhibitions PIR. Food products , PIR. Restaurant equipment, Hotel. Equipment. Management. Design, Moscow Bar Show, Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo are accepted till October 01, 2015.
    2. In case if for some reasons a journalist missed a deadline for submitting applications, accreditation while holding events will be performed only upon availability of papers confirming work of the journalist at this media outlet.
    3. Editorial board of a mass medium wishing to accredit journalist or photographer before start of official accreditation must send application via e-mail to or call (495)637-94-40.
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