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Назад Denis Berlyov Denis Berlyov


Position: General Director and Managing Partner of the United Catering Group. Education: Institute of Management. Currently, Denis is the Managing Partner of the three brand companies of the United Catering Group – mfc foods, Cantina City and Like Coffee. Denis Berlev began his career in 1995, and served as the ma?tre d'h?tel at the Metropol Hotel for four years, then as Deputy Manager of the restaurant at the Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel from 1999 to 2000. In late 2001, he created a «greenfield» banquet service – Uley Catering, and became its Director. From 2003 to 2004, Denis worked as General Manager of the Uley Restaurant and the banquet service – Uley Catering. In 2004, working «from the ground up», Denis created a corporate cafeteria in A- and B-class business centres – CantinaCity – and a year later in 2005, he developed a banquet service – CityCatering. Additional information: Denis’s companies were twice recognized and named as Brands of the Year, according to Rosbusinessconsulting and were awarded a number of other major industry prizes.

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